Valuations For Insurance

Amersham Auction Rooms Although the incidence of claims arising from fire or climatic conditions remains relatively static from year to year, the number resulting from theft and vandalism continues to rise.

  • No one is immune from potential loss or damage to personal property
  • Nothing will wholly reinstate the loss or damage to the contents of one's home but financial compensation should lessen the pain.
  • The value of acquisitions can quickly change, affecting the cost of replacement
  • As reinstatement cannot be adjusted retrospectively, there is an increasing need to keep one’s belongings fully and accurately insured.

Confidential valuation reports, prepared by experienced Valuers and practicing Auctioneers, based on contemporary re-instatement costs, are tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual clients with fees varying accordingly.

We do not prepare valuations on items that cannot be physically inspected.