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Costs Incurred When Selling at Auction

  • Selling at AuctionSellers’ Charges - See Terms of Business clause 14, for Sellers commission, Insurance and Lotting Fee
  • Unsold Lots - Where a Reserve has been agreed with the Auctioneers, the Lotting Fee and Insurance costs are payable by the Seller. In all other cases, as above, plus 5% of the Seller's own Reserve. See Terms of Business clause 15
  • Transport & Storage - Although there are no storage charges for goods consigned to auction, all transport costs incurred are the responsibility of the Seller.
  • Photography - Depending upon the type and location of the promotion before the auction, photography is recommended, for which a small contribution will be required from the Seller.
  • Minimum Bids - Should an item fail to attract a minimum bid, it will not be re-entered for another Auction and should be collected by the Seller as soon as possible.
  • Disposal of unsold/unsaleable goods - The Seller will be advised in advance of any expenses to be incurred.
  • Goods of Zero Commercial Value - Such goods may be consigned to the nearest refuse collection point, or alternatively donated to a local charity. Sellers may be charged for the costs of transporting and disposing of such items.
  • Withdrawn Lots - See Terms of Business clause 16

Account Settlement

Amersham Auction Rooms will usually account to all Sellers approximately two weeks after each Auction, enclosing a full statement of individual prices realized and any charges incurred. The net balance due to the Seller will normally be made in the form of a cheque enclosed with the above, alternatively the Auction proceeds may be paid directly into a Seller's bank account, assuming that full bank particulars have been made available. This can only be done in one of the four main banks

Frequently Asked Questions
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How much does it cost to sell at Auction?
The Auctioneers' charges are set down in the Terms & Conditions of Engagement. Commission is only payable when an item is sold but there are small standing charges due every time a lot is offered
How quickly do sellers receive payment?
Sellers can generally expect to receive their proceeds approximately fourteen days after each auction
Can auction proceeds be paid directly into my bank account?
Yes, to any of the four main banks, but please ensure that we have your full banking particulars
Does the seller pay VAT?
VAT is payable on all charges at the prevailing rate
Do I pay for photographs?
We require a small contribution towards photography. This is optional and the valuer concerned will discuss this with you when entering your goods for sale. Charges depend upon the type and location of the promotion
Do I incur storage charges for goods held, awaiting sale?
There are no storage charges for goods held on our premises; although charges are incurred by buyers who fail to collect their purchases within prescribed time limits


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