House Rules

A warm welcome is extended to all visitors, whether as Sellers, potential Buyers or merely interested spectators.

The Auction Rooms entertain a broad spectrum of the public from the young and fit, to the old and infirm, whilst also acting as temporary custodians of valuable, old and sometimes frail items. The Company is therefore honour bound to look after each visitor’s wide and varied interests, and request all who attend to accept the "House Rules" in the spirit in which they have been formulated.

Smoking... is a nasty habit!

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises, or indeed, outside the premises, if near to open doorways or windows. In this way, the Company avoids the possibility of distress to those with allergies, or an aversion to the effects of smoke inhalation.


Children must be properly supervised at all times. Should a child’s behaviour become annoying to others, or seem to present even the slightest risk to individuals, or damage to goods on display, the parent or guardian of that child will be asked to take him/her outside immediately.

Very young children requiring pushchairs or prams can cause difficulties on two counts :-

  • Because of the limited space within the Auction Rooms and/or
  • The propensity for children to make a noise.

In the event of the latter, if a baby or child persistently makes a noise, that is disruptive to proceedings, rather than cause further embarrassment to all concerned, the Auction Rooms hope that the parent or guardian should take the initiative and take the baby/child outside.

Antisocial Behaviour

Antisocial, abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. Offenders should therefore expect immediate action to be taken against them by members of the management or staff.

Payment & Collection

Neither payment for goods purchased, nor the movement of goods in or out of the showroom is possible whilst an auction is in progress. However, as the Auctioneers sell at a brisk rate of 140 - 160 lots per hour, Buyers will rarely be kept waiting long. Further information regarding Payment & Collection.