Selling at Auction


  • Sellers’ Charges - See Terms & Conditions of selling clause 14, for Sellers commission, Insurance and Lotting Fee
  • Unsold Lots - Where a Reserve has been agreed with the Auctioneers, the Lotting Fee and Insurance costs are payable by the Seller. In all other cases, as above, plus 5% of the Seller's own Reserve. See Terms & Conditions of selling clause 15
  • Transport & Storage - Although there are no storage charges for goods consigned to auction, all transport costs incurred are the responsibility of the Seller.
  • Photography - Depending upon the type and location of the promotion before the auction, photography is recommended, for which a small contribution will be required from the Seller.
  • Minimum Bids - Should an item fail to attract a minimum bid, it will not be re-entered for another Auction and should be collected by the Seller as soon as possible.
  • Disposal of unsold/unsaleable goods - The Seller will be advised in advance of any expenses to be incurred.
  • Goods of Zero Commercial Value - Such goods may be consigned to the nearest refuse collection point, or alternatively donated to a local charity. Sellers may be charged for the costs of transporting and disposing of such items.
  • Withdrawn Lots - See Terms & Conditions of selling clause 16

Account Settlement

Amersham Auction Rooms will usually account to all Sellers approximately two weeks after each Auction, enclosing a full statement of individual prices realized and any charges incurred. The net balance due to the Seller will normally be made in the form of a cheque enclosed with the above, alternatively the Auction proceeds may be paid directly into a Seller's bank account, assuming that full bank particulars have been made available. This can only be done in one of the four main banks