Interesting, enjoyable, fun and frequently very rewarding.

Everyone is welcome, whether as a first-time Buyer, Collector, Dealer, Gallery Representative or even just as an interested spectator.

Although Amersham Auction Rooms handle an eclectic range of goods, these are appropriately allocated to Auctions of :-

  • Household Furnishings and Effects
  • Contemporary and Reproduction Furniture

... or alternatively, Specialist Auctions of :-

  • Fine Art, Antiques and Collectable Items

For each Auction, whether Weekly or Monthly, a catalogue is available on this website. Please click the Quick Link on the left. All catalogues contain full descriptions with one or more illustrations of each lot, as appropriate.

Printed, text only versions are available to visitors. These are free of charge but subject to a ‘mandatory’ donation of £1 to a specified local charity.

Additional information on individual lots and the estimates of likely prices are always available from knowledgeable and helpful staff.