Bidding At Auction

No items will ever be sold prior to an Auction.

Prospective Buyers attending at the Auction Rooms, bid by name and not by paddle number and should register before the auction begins, providing their name, permanent address and contact telephone number.

All registration details are strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent being given.

Absentee bids, whether delivered in person, e-mailed, posted or faxed, must be received by the Auction Rooms before 10.00am on the day of the auction. Any doubts associated with written bids should be cleared by contacting Amersham Auctions well before the auction. Please click for Absentee Bidders' Service.



Variable Increments - Dependant on the value of the item being auctioned, the Auctioneer will advance the bidding as follows:-

  • Upto £100 in £5 increments
  • between £100 & £200 in £10 increments
  • between £200 & £500 in £20 increments
  • between £500 & £1000 in £20 & £30 increments
  • between £1000 & £2000 in £50 increments
  • between £2000 & £3000 in £100 increments
  • between £3000 & £5000 in £200 & £300 increments
  • between £5000 & £10000 in £500 increments
  • and thereafter, at the Auctioneer’s discretion

As a general guide, the Auctioneers will sell at a rate of approximately 140 -160 lots per hour with no "natural" breaks. This will however vary according to the nature of the items being sold and the Auctioneer’s temperament!

At the fall of the gavel, the deal is done and is a legally binding transaction between the Auction Rooms (acting as agent for the Seller) and the Buyer with all goods being sold subject to the Terms & Conditions of Sale. Reversing the decision to buy is not an option. The hammer price, the amount at which the Auctioneer concludes the transaction, is subject to the payment of a Buyer’s Premium of 20% plus VAT (on the premium only).

See Terms & Conditions of Payment and Collection