Valuations for Probate

Following the death of an individual - but depending on the value of the estate and the arrangements made for its distribution - the need may arise for a full valuation of all personal property, whether or not there will be a tax liability.

A Professional Valuer is not only best qualified to ensure the accuracy of submitted reports but is also more able to assist in settlements, on behalf of Executors and their advisers, on those occasions when figures are contested.

Our qualified Valuers are also practicing Auctioneers and are trained to understand the needs of Executors, Trustees, Solicitors and other professional representatives associated with matters of probate. They are also experienced in interpreting the ever changing guidelines associated with the various aspects of Inheritance Taxation, imposed by HM Revenue and Customs.

As there is no fixed structure laid down for the reports required on matters associated with Probate, before any valuation is undertaken, the individual requirements of each client will be discussed and a fee agreed, for the preparation of a customised Valuation Report. Thereafter, the appraisal will be carried out with the discretion and sympathy befitting the situation.