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Amersham Auction RoomsThe team of professional Valuers has many years experience in the Appraisal, Valuation and Auction of personal property, from :-

  • Everyday Household Products to Fine Art
  • Period Furniture and other Antiques
  • A plethora of Collectable Items

Where an obscure or unusual item needs more specialist knowledge for a full appraisal, that expertise will be provided from within a circle of associated consultants and seamlessly integrated into the comprehensive Valuation Services being offered by Amersham Auction Rooms.

This expertise and the many other resources and skills of the Company are available to private individuals, trustees, solicitors and other professional representatives, i.e.

  • anyone involved in the acquisition, valuation, or disposal of chattels
  • those dealing with Probate, Family Division, Taxation or Insurance matters

Many appraisals and valuations will require to be encapsulated in a detailed written report, possibly for Probate, Insurance, Tax Planning or Family Division. Whilst the fees for such reports are not fixed, due to their varying complexity, the basis upon which they will be levied and their cost, will always be made clear in advance of the valuation being made.

Written valuation reports are prepared for clients only after the specific requirements have been discussed and fees agreed. Normally, a formal report will be completed and presented to the client within two weeks of the valuation taking place.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Do I need an appointment before bringing items in for appraisal?
You are welcome to call - without an appointment - on Fridays, between 9.00am and 5.00pm or Saturday mornings between 9.00am and 11.30am; but be prepared, on some occasions to wait a little while in the event that one of the valuers is engaged with someone else. For assessments at other times, please telephone for an appointment
Do I have to pay for a valuation?
Sometimes: because where written reports are required for Probate, Insurance or Family Division, a charge will be made. This is always made clear at the outset and agreement will be reached with you as to the basis upon which the fee will be levied. Verbal appraisals on items being consigned for sale are without cost
How do I arrange for a written valuation report (for Probate, Insurance or Family Division)?
Please telephone and arrange to speak to one of the valuers who will discuss your requirements and offer an indication of the likely cost. If we are then instructed to proceed, we make a mutually convenient appointment to visit the location of the items and as a general rule, the report will follow less than a fortnight later
How do I obtain valuation advice on items I am considering selling at auction?
Where practicable to do so, small, portable items can be brought in for appraisal but in other, appropriate instances, our valuers can make home visits; and owners of goods should therefore organise a mutually convenient appointment for that purpose. Alternatively, owners may e-mail pictures and our valuers will do their best to provide as accurate an assessment as possible from that information





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