Amersham Auction Rooms
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Selling Goods at Auction

Selling Goods at AuctionSelling at Auction is simple, profitable and speedy - proceeds invariably being remitted to Sellers within two weeks of each Auction.

For deliveries to the Auction Rooms, there will invariably be assistance available to carry heavy items.

  • A receipt will always be given for items left at the Auction Rooms, whether for appraisal or consigned for Auction.
  • The full conditions under which goods may be consigned for auction are available in the Terms of Business.
  • Before Sellers are allowed to Consign Goods for Auction, they will be asked to confirm or register their personal details.

House Clearance Scheme

Under a specialised House Clearance Scheme, all commercially saleable items will be sold by Auction, the remainder being consigned for disposal or donated to charity.

If instructed, the appointed carriers will remove all rubbish from the house, leaving it in a tidy condition

Frequently Asked Questions
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What is a Reserve?
A Reserve is the figure below which an item will not be sold
What is a guide?
A guide is an estimate of the price range in which a lot is likely to sell and is provided by the Auction Rooms
Who sets a Reserve?
Ultimately, a reserve is set by the seller but this is usually done in consultation with the auctioneers
Can I withdraw an item consigned for sale?
Yes: but charges will be incurred and these are set down in the Terms & Conditions of Engagement
When I sell items at auction, how do I obtain the results?
We account to sellers approximately two weeks after each auction with particulars of individual price realisations, although you are welcome to telephone in the meantime with a request for this information. Please have your client number available when you call
What happens if my goods fail to sell?
If items fail to attract our minimum bid, they will not be re-entered for another auction. They must therefore be collected by the seller or alternatively, we can make arrangements for their disposal. Sometimes, this will incur carriage/disposal charges but you will be advised beforehand of this potential expense. Where goods under reserve have failed to sell, they can often be re-entered in a subsequent auction
Will I get a receipt when I deliver items?
Always - whether this is in respect of an item left with us for appraisal or goods consigned for auction
Do you do house clearances?
We can arrange for the entire contents of a property to be cleared and will sell by auction any items of commercially saleable value; and the remainder will be consigned to the local authority for destruction
Do you leave a property clean and tidy after a house clearance?
The carriers will remove all rubbish, when instructed but we do not generally sweep out premises after the removal of furniture and other effects
Who pays to transport goods delivered for sale?
The seller pays for all transport costs
I wish to enter goods for sale, what do I do?
Please complete the on-line Application form on this web site or we can send you an Information Pack, which contains an application form
If I bring goods in for sale, will there be someone available to assist me carrying heavy items?
Our staff will be happy to assist



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