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Our Privacy Statement

Amersham Auction Rooms is the trading name of Pretty & Ellis (Auctions) Ltd, a professional practice of Fine Art & Furniture Valuers & Auctioneers established in 1877 and has always regarded the privacy of clients’ data as a priority and we constantly review, update and generally improve the security of personal information stored and the way in which it is used

Selling at AuctionAlthough data protection legislation has done much to safeguard the rights of individuals for a long time, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now strengthens the obligations on those holding and processing personal information and requires that they be open and transparent about how it is stored and processed

The GDPR provides for a number of important changes to previous legislation; probably the most crucial being the need to obtain specific consent from an individual to hold/use their personal data – and to be precise in stating how it will be kept, for what purposes and for how long

Amersham Auction Rooms does not maintain records of personal data for any marketing or similar purposes and does not and will not sell, share or otherwise part with or transmit data to any third parties for surveys, mailshots or other unsolicited purposes

Amersham Auction Rooms only collects, retains and uses clients’ and customers’ personal data in pursuit of specific contractual obligations and services and as such, ‘consent’ is implied under provisions of the GDPR

Notwithstanding the forgoing, where personal data is sought from law enforcement or tax agencies, we will comply but simultaneously keep a full and accurate record for future reference purposes

Selling at AuctionIndividuals’ personal data is retained for up to but no longer than 6 years from the expiry date of each relevant contract; though data provided by prospective (but subsequently unsuccessful) buyers at auction is usually deleted at the earliest opportunity and at the latest, 28 days from the date of the auction for which it was provided

That said, the GDPR requires any organisation holding personal data to promptly respond to all enquirers seeking the supply of information about retained records and where requested, we will delete such data from our systems. The exception being where the information is needed to be retained for legitimate contractual/professional/legal reasons, for protection of the parties to particular contracts

CCTV data is only retained until ‘overwritten’ except where it is required for evidential purposes in the course of enquires into breaches in security – though even then, no longer than 6 years

The practical storage and application of individuals’ personal data held by Amersham Auction Rooms is maintained by a variety of means:

  • Hard copy records are stored in properly secured and protected premises
  • Supervised electronic records are kept on up-to-date and professionally supported hardware, including laptops and telephones, incorporating a range of security devices
  • Software programmes (bespoke and otherwise) have high levels of contemporary security systems
  • Back-up systems are constantly updated to protected cloud and similar storage facilities
  • Regular internal audits

For all enquires, please contact our appointed Data Protection Officer

Telephone: 01494 729292


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